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Placenta Encapsulation


What are the benefits?

Lactation induction and increased breast milk production
A sense of mental well-being
Increased energy
Faster postpartum healing and less bleeding
Decreased risk of developing postpartum depression
Balancing of moods and hormones
Increased levels of blood iron
Quicker postpartum weight loss
Increased release of oxytocin to encourage shrinking of the uterus and infant/maternal bonding

Full Encapsulation Package


Pick-up & drop off or shipping of placenta and all finished products


4oz Tincture

Placenta Print

Umbilical Keepsake

24/7 Contact for questions & concerns 

$340 plus tax 

Local Transportation packages are available upon request for an additional $50


Keepsake Package

Not interested in encapsulation but want something to commemorate your pregnancy?


Then the Keepsake Package is for you! 



  • Placenta Print in the colors of your choice

  • Professional Matting and Framing

  • Umbilical Keepsake with color options



Flavored Capsules

Perfect for those that are sensitive with after tastes! 




Placenta Balm


Our placenta balm is hand crafted for each client and made with all organic ingredients. We use real organic, raw, unrefined African Shea Butter, Organic Coconut oil, and 100% natural yellow Beeswax, infused for several hours with optional herbs like lavender, Calendula, and Chamomile, and your own dehydrated placenta.
It effectively treats acne prone and damaged skin. It’s also praised for anti-aging properties that increase collagen and skin elasticity. Studies have shown the fast healing effects of placenta on wounds and burns. It can be safely used for its nourishing benefits to heal perineal tears, c-section scars, diaper rash, cuts, burns, scrapes, eczema, cradle cap, dry skin, and inflammation. Our balm is created specifically for you and your baby from your own placenta.



Placenta Casting

Honoring your placenta, the organ that supported your baby until birth, has never become easier or more modern! You can now add-on a placenta cast to your Placenta Encapsulation Package. The casting material is food grade, non-toxic & organic-- and doesn't add any extra waiting to our turn around time! We have two options:  just the placenta cast, or we can frame it for you in a beautiful shadow box that is wall ready.


$250 plus tax

IMG_1933 2.JPG

Resin Keepsake

Want something a bit more sturdy and personalized for your umbilical cord keepsake? Set up a consultation to plan out your perfect resin keepsake. This is something that will last forever! You can even combine past children's umbilical cords, cord stumps, umbilical clips, hospital bands, locks of hair etc. We offer every design from simple flowers, to colorful and sparkly. You can even pick a theme to match their decor, nautical, outer space, unicorns, etc. 

Starting at $150+ plus tax

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