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At last, the most perfect and beautiful way to honor and remember your birth with an umbilical cord resin keepsake! 


Next, we design a beautful floral arrangement with real pressed flowers and cast your baby's umbilical cord in resin. We complete this beautiful keepsake with your baby's name and it comes ready to hang  above your baby's crib or adorning the nursery walls.  This is truly a statement piece that everyone will be praising!


This item is available to add onto your encapsulation package OR can be purchased separately if you have an umbilical cord keepsake and would like one made with your baby's cord. We can also create this beautiful keepsake with just a cord stump.


We are happy to help custom create this piece for you if you have other inclusions or want to create a specifc theme just let us know you need a one on one design session. 

Resin Keepsake

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